“Jhoot Nahi Bolen Ge” Conference Organized by Ethical Pro in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Ethical Pro

An emerging organization, Ethical Pro, has taken a noteworthy step toward addressing the long-standing ethical issues faced by businesses in Pakistan. Read more to participate.

In synchronization with a leading religious authority in Pakistan, the Markazi Ulama Council, founder of Ethical Pro Hamid Mahmood is organizing a conference titled “JHOOT NAHI BOLEN GE” on Saturday, July 8, 2023, to eliminate ethical issues in businesses. Ethical Pro is an innovative organization dedicated to advancing and upholding ethical standards in Pakistan. Its primary objective is to restore trust and integrity within the nation’s business environment. By collaborating with scholars, influencers, and various organizations, Ethical Pro strives to disseminate ethical knowledge, values, and principles to cultivate a culture of integrity and accountability.

Ethical Pro

Additionally, we have developed several slogans to promote ethics, one of which is the widely shared slogan “Karobar jata ha to jaye, jhut nahi bolein ge” This particular slogan gained significant attention across numerous social media platforms within the Pakistani community.

Ethical Pro’s upcoming conference will offer a unique opportunity for scholars to engage with businesses and organizations, sharing valuable insights and recommendations regarding ethical practices and business integrity. It is important to highlight that this gathering will maintain a strictly apolitical environment that also will be free from religious influence, emphasizing its sole dedication to fostering communities with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Attendees can look forward to hearing from influencers, CXOs from various business communities, especially the IT sector, and respected scholars from Quran teaching schools. These renowned individuals will provide valuable suggestions and strategies to address business integrity challenges.

The nation of Pakistan faces ethical challenges, but there is hope for a better and more ethically responsible future through the endeavors of Ethical Pro and the combined efforts of scholars, influencers, and businesses.

For registration follow the link below:https://forms.gle/JiWSE3TE4Syw3eo49

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